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The Bakers’ attorney describes Hannah as being a ‘beautiful, innocent, delicate woman who had been bullied to death’.

The Bakers’ attorney describes Hannah as being a ‘beautiful, innocent, delicate woman who had been bullied to death’.

Episode 2 – Courtney’s Testimony

Parents and caregivers need to find out: Hannah appears the very first time and just Clay is able to see her. This episode features bullying and intimidation (age.g. Jessica gets another message that is threatening her locker, “keep your fucking mouth shut”), intercourse recommendations and conversation about incidences of intimate violence from Season 1.

Courtney is obligated to emerge as being a lesbian regarding the voiceover and stand of her testimony speaks in regards to the aftereffect of rumours at twelfth grade defining who you really are as an individual. Skye tries to give Clay a handjob beneath the dining room table in the russian mail-order brides front of their parents. Later on, they fight about that.

Towards the end associated with episode, Skye is removed within an ambulance, the implication being she’s self-harmed. Her mom informs Clay Skye is not upset, she’s sick. Some body will leave a paper target covered in bullet holes in Alex’s letterbox. It claims “better luck next time”.

Episode 3 – Jessica’s testimony

Parents and caregivers need to find out: we come across brief flashbacks to Jessica’s rape from Season 1. Bullying and intimidation carry on. There’s an attack plus some medication usage. Into the medical center, Skye and Clay discuss Skye’s disease and she informs him she doesn’t realize her behaviour that is own but loves Clay for attempting to assist her. She breaks up with him. Clay will continue to keep in touch with Hannah. Jessica’s testimony explores exactly exactly how difficult it really is to be a teenage woman, become judged by the way you look and what folks read about you. She claims the college couldn’t be trusted to assist whenever girls had been slut-shamed or bullied. Jessica is forced by Clay in truth about Bryce raping her regarding the stand but this woman isn’t prepared. Someone posts photos of Jessica inside her class that express “who would believe a drunk slut?” Jessica points out that Hannah is basically on test, she’s the ‘ideal target’ and folks still don’t believe her. Jessica does not think she’s the kind that is‘right of’ to undertake Bryce Walker. This episode features a scene of the character smoking tar heroin that is black.

Episode 4 – Marcus’ Testimony

Parents and caregivers must know: This episode has aggressive intercourse scene between Bryce and Chloe – Bryce pressures a reluctant Chloe into intercourse. While Marcus is in the stand there are flashback bullying scenes where Marcus calls Hannah “Hannah blueballs”, “Hannah big butt”, “DTF” and “cock tease”. You can find further scenes of bullying and intimidation. Gun use is depicted as being a effective launch as two for the male characters practise target shooting when you look at the forests. You can find medication sources, and Justin detoxes in Clay’s home. Alex is fixated on why he attempted to simply simply take their life – he can’t remember. He begs Clay to deliver him a duplicate regarding the tapes Hannah put aside detailing the ‘reasons’ why she was taken by her life, and, after some doubt, Clay does. Hannah’s ghost informs Clay he’s got to ensure Bryce is punished – “find the unconscious woman in the polaroid, discover the room she’s in”.

Episode 5 – Ryan’s testimony

Parents and caregivers need to find out: in the stand, Ryan speaks in regards to a poem Hannah published that details her thoughts that are suicidal. He states adults don’t take young people’s emotions really. Alex shares he’s got been impotent since their committing committing suicide effort. He attempts a real time movie chat by having a topless girl but believes he’s ‘broken’.

Masturbation is suggested, drug and nudity sources. More bullying and violence that is low-level. There clearly was a good scene where Jessica attends a bunch intimate abuse survivors meeting and listens to a other schoolmate, Nina speaing frankly about her experience and just how the group has assisted her.

Episode 6 – Zach’s Testimony

Parents and caregivers have to know: While Zach is in the stand, people discover he and Hannah dated secretly summer time before she passed away. He didn’t wish their buddies to eventually know and they split up. There was a consensual intercourse scene with implied condom usage. Jessica recounts her survivor that is personal story the help group. It really is vivid but brief. Violence is eroticised within an altercation that is physical Alex and Zach, which makes Alex with an erection. An incident of cyber-bullying plus some drug that is low-level liquor depictions. Reinforcement regarding the theme that is general adults/parents are inept. Justin challenges Clay for thinking less of Hannah for dating various men. Zach makes a speech that is emotional their mom saying he could be struggling, he has got experienced like Hannah did. She shuts him down and tells him the test has placed ideas into their mind. He’s fine. The episode comes to an end with Zach, alone within the changing room at school, full of regret and rage, going for a baseball bat and smashing it in to the lockers.

Episode 7 – Clay’s Testimony

Parents and caregivers need to find out: Clay claims he could be planning to testify for Hannah, to ensure the reality gets told. He informs the court she had been sort and truthful, clever and funny. She asked him to create to her as he went away for the summer time in which he never did. Alex is taunted by Bryce and their buddies in school, and Alex reacts by screaming that Bryce is really a rapist. Jessica is quite upset by this. Bryce coerces Chloe into making love with him. Medication usage and sources. There’s a flashback scene where Clay and Hannah join group of buddies and just just take ecstasy. Clay calls it down as peer pressure. a scene that is follow-up them decreasing, and Hannah questioning her presence. Bullying and themes that are cyberbullying. Jessica tries to kiss a child she’s got simply met but has flashbacks that are vivid being raped and operates away crying. Hannah informs Clay she didn’t record the tapes as revenge – she wished to tell her tale so that it wouldn’t occur to somebody else. Clay posts the tapes online to counter a few of the vicious commentary about Hannah on social media marketing.

Episode 8 – Hannah’s parents’ testimony

Parents and caregivers need to find out: This episode features further bullying and slut- shaming incidences and medication recommendations. Clay’s buddies are upset with him for posting the tapes.

There was another scene of weapon usage showing Tyler experiencing effective after shooting a raven dead. Alex discovers Justin unconscious by having a syringe in their supply. Justin later on claims that no body would care if he passed away.

Skye confides to Clay that she’s been identified as having manic depression. It is a good scene as she explains just how Bipolar has impacted her behaviour, and discusses mind chemistry in addition to medicine she’s using.

In a flashback, Hannah discovers her dad is having an event. The event is employed because of the court protection attorney being a good reasons why Hannah killed herself.

Regarding the stand, Hannah’s moms and dads say they ought to have now been in a position to trust the educational college making use of their daughter’s security. They weren’t told about Hannah’s battles, that she had been bullied or had reported suicidal that is feeling. They didn’t understand, so that they couldn’t assist.

Clay has a disagreement with Hannah. She is told by him exactly what went incorrect is her fault, that she ruined people’s life by killing by by herself. She is told by him exactly just just what she did had been wicked, and Hannah cries.

Episode 9 – Mr Porter and Hannah’s teacher’s evidence

Parents and caregivers have to know: you can find strong committing committing suicide themes throughout this episode as Mr Porter, the college counsellor, flashes back into his counselling sessions with Hannah. There clearly was an attack, scenes of vandalism and references that are sexual. Violence is eroticised. The instructors are yet again portrayed as inept.

Principal Bolan delivers a message about suicide contagion to Clay after the tapes are released by him to another pupils during the college. Principal Bolan admits which he has not yet heard the tapes, and Clay then dismisses the principal’s issues as uninformed. This discussion is initiated therefore more youthful viewers see issues about committing committing suicide contagion as an endeavor by authorities to power down conversations about committing committing committing suicide and stop folks from looking for justice for Hannah. Young audiences are going to accept this interpretation uncritically and could reject any legitimate critique associated with show because of its portrayal of committing committing suicide.

Justin will leave Clay’s house and extends back to see their mom. She notices he’s been making use of medications and expresses concern, but as an addict by by by herself he doesn’t wish to pay attention to her. Sooner or later, he steals funds from their stepfather and leaves.

Bryce’s parents argue about Bryce – his mother is extremely worried about the individual Bryce is on Hannah’s tapes. Their daddy claims that everybody else claims stupid things whenever they’re drunk, but Bryce is a good individual.

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