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Ruiz Jr vs Joshua: Anthony Joshua’s head coach rules out radical changes in rematch preparations

Anthony Joshua’s head coach Rob McCracken mastered any extreme changes before this Andy Ruiz Jr rematch and will resume his role.
The heavyweight superstar of britain endured his first defeat at the hands of Ruiz Jr at June, which ignited calls to reassess his trainings live on Sky Sports Box Office.
McCracken insists coaching staff have consistently assisted Joshua, but he will devise the game-plan and supply instructions.
«I think everybody gets the wrong idea all the time,» McCracken told Sky Sports. «Plenty of folks have consistently worked together with us at the camp.
«I am the head coach, however I can not do everything, so we’ve consistently had distinct individuals coming from who are good on the pads, so who are great with motion, footwork drills whatever, so there is various people we utilize.
«I mean’Benga’ his uncle has ever worked with Anthony. Nobody is mindful of that, unless AJ cites it, so the fact in boxing now is that you don’t have one coach and one boxer, year in, year out. It doesn’t work like that.
«We’ve got various individuals. And I go in the corner at the night, and we do the tactics, but I’m his head although he works on drills.
«Hopefully he can use him he can find the job done, but yeah, ordinary stuff, normal camp»
Speaking on AJ: The Untold Truth, Joshua has reiterated his faith but suggested fresh staff would help his coaching.
«Whoever said that’s a clown,» said Joshua. «Part ways with McCracken? No way. These individuals do not understand dedication.
«These individuals aren’t cut from the exact identical fabric, if that’s what they’re suggesting.
«Whoever has that mindset shouldn’t bother talking to me, even should they have that mindset.»
He added:»I want to make sure reinforcements and bring in fresh troops on the battlefield to combat this war.»

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