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James Adducci Returns To Vegas To Bet $100,000 On Tiger Grand Slam

The bettor who won $1.2 million when Tiger Woods won the Masters is shooting for a larger score . And he is betting Tiger can flip his $100,000 wager into $10 million.
James Adducci (envisioned ) placed a $100,000 stake on Woods to win the 2019 Grand Slam at 100-1 odds. Adducci flew from his home in LaCrosse, Wisconsin to place the wager at SLS casino in Las Vegas, where William Hill US confirmed the wager at its sportsbook. That is the exact same casino and sportsbook where Adduccti cashed in $1.2 million on his first sports wager on Woods.
«[William Hill] told me it is a bet that’s never been seen before.» Adducci advised Golf Digest. «To earn $1 million is a step. To make $10 million is jumping to a different level.»
Adducci’s bet on Woods is not optimal, and he might have gotten longer odds than 100-1 had he shopped around or requested the bet to other sportsbooks such as Caesars. But Adducci remained with William Hill US, also explained why he went forward with another major bet on Tiger to catch all four majors and complete that the 2019 Grand Slam.
«Tiger has history winning at Bethpage, and he won at Pebble, by the largest margin ever,» Adducci explained. «This is a very distinctive situation. That’s the way I’m thinking about it. We all know that with every triumph, the energy level will get amped up. His game becomes raised… he is the definition of progressing under pressure. That is how my brain works.»
Woods winning the Grand Slam at a calendar year could be historical for him and the bettor, Adducci.
Only three golfers — Koepka, Spieth, and McIlroy — have won two peaks in precisely the exact same calendar year since 2010. Nobody has won three at the same year because Tiger at 2000, and no player has ever won the contemporary age Grand Slam with regard to the Masters, US Open, The Open Championship, and PGA Championship.

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