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Fling.com — What Can Your Learn From Your Critics

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Total BLOCKEd cams. You do the math! So best profile generally wins. They simply need there 10 bucks a month. Not got laid on Fling.com yet but I know it takes time im not stupid will keep at it didnt take too long for my first hook up when I had been utilizing hookup hangout so pretty sure it will be the exact same thing here just got 2B patience and also send lots of messages and keep profile upgraded etc etc shud be simple enuff to get a handsum scouser like me eh lol haha.

It encourages attractive women in your region, but I combined to get a total of 10 minutes and found old fat women that were online months past. She says she as a 23yr old daughter and they both reside and operate in LEEDS. Fake Scammers wasting peoples time, probably mainly automated website, expect their servers blow up. Total waste of time. cams crash. I assure you I never did anything and now that I’ve come out here and see a few of the testimonials I see they have cancelled additional accounts for violating TOS which wasn’t actually true. Let’s stay true here: It ain’t easy to get laid with hookup dating sites.

If you are a man numbers are always against you. I get tons of messages out of 2000 miles away, but maybe not One from my state. Nevertheless, they won’t show me this proof without a subpoena. Presumably a scam. I got a lot of immature d*** pics. You’ll get people claiming to be actual but look for the signals IE; they would like you to email them rather than utilizing the site, they never respond direct questions such as anything to identify they are who they say they live or are where they state they reside.

You’d believe they’d want to have REAL WOMEN around. That having been said, there are just a few reputable hookup dating sites. I laugh to think its basically a bunch of horny aggravated dudes pretending.

I paid nothing—I expect you to do the same! So IMO those are very top-notch. Audio and video on there cell phone don’t work. I am sure is fling.com legit she tried contacting me with same photos but a different profile name. I’ve reported to tinder, however, she will probably reappear as a physician, psychotherapist or some form of clinical Doctor. My experience with Aff is if you are searching for less than ordinary partners with little to no income, possible diseases, and psychological issues this is the site for you.

The foreign durka durka operator supposedly gave me a fictitious amount into the next party (epoch). It had been sold to me from the identical imitation Lisa7224 mentioned elsewhere here or Ella on Tinder> Luckily I didnt pay them sod all, dont use it, not real. Say’s her title on friendfinder.com is "Lisa7224" I saved screen shots to my cellphone so I can show photos and communicating. Fast forward.

Don’t waste your own time. They ask for money and other type of assistance but mainly money. Missy. Much like is used in Africa or other third world nations overseas. They said that there was an evaluation and they have proof. I echo what many are saying, lisa7224 is a entire scammer says she is a nurse and wants the hide her profile from colleagues pmsl wouldn’t want her/him working together with my kids.

I suggest you screen shot the tinder profile and then just report her for scamming, then unmatch here. Many of the profiles are fake. Met a person on Tinder, lisa 7224, pointing me towards this website into ‘Check her questionnaire’. Presumably a scam. You may meet great looking ones but they are more of telephone girl types that need in excess of $200 or longer for under an hour. Shady AF if I am being truthful.

Any positive reviews on this are written by men and women working for them(aff) or companion website prettyfriendfinder. Met someone on Tinder Met someone on Tinder, lisa 7224, pointing me towards this website into ‘Check her questionnaire’. After 3 days of chatting says she concerning go a away for a few days and then when she comes back says she wishes to fulfill however as she’s been let down before she would like you to look at her profile out on virginfriendfnder.com. If you may ‘t get laid utilizing AFF or even CasualSexOnly it that your chances won’t raise utilizing another site.

I hate these scammers with a vengeance. Sites all about..reelin you for your 10 bucks. waaaaaaaaaaa. I paid nothing—I expect you to do the same! This ‘s a fact. Its not worth it as a free account. They CLAIM I had been requesting money.

After being on hold for 5 minutes, then spent another 5 minutes together with the foreign operator which I couldn’t know or be understood, told me I needed to call a separate billing firm (epoch).

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